5x5 Fiberglass Mesh

5x5 fiberglass mesh is the most popular choice in the construction. Its opening is 5x5mm (center to center), acorrding to the characteristics, the mesh is also known as 5x5 fiberglass mesh cloth, 5x5 fiberglass cloth, 5x5 fiberglass netting, 5x5 fiberglass wire mesh and 5x5 fiberglass grid.

5x5 fiberglass mesh main specifications:
5x5MMx45Gx1Mx50M (white/blue/orange/green);
5x5MMx50Gx1Mx50M (white/blue/orange/green);
5x5MMx60Gx1Mx50M (white/blue/orange/green);
5x5MMx80Gx1Mx50M (white/blue/orange/green);
5x5MMx100Gx1Mx50M (white/blue/orange/green);
5x5MMx120Gx1Mx50M (white/blue/orange/green);
5x5MMx145Gx1Mx50M (white/blue/orange/green);
5x5MMx160Gx1Mx50M (white/blue/orange/green).

5x5 fiberglass mesh could be used for:
Reinforced mesh in the exterior wall;
Insulation mesh in the Interior wall;
Anti-cracking mesh in the marble products;
Flame retardant mesh in the fireproof board.

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