Gabion is also named gabion mesh, gabion basket, gabion box, gabion fence and gabion wall with welded style or woven style. It could be used for the protection of slope, pit, mountain, railway and highway. And gabion is also used to protect the river, dam and reservoir as retaining wall, baskets or mattresses.

Gabion types:
Gabion mesh
Galfan gabion
Reno mattress
Welded gabion
Galvanized gabion
PVC coated gabion

gabion mesh
galfan gabion
reno mattress

Gabion specifications:
Wire diameter: 2.0mm -4.0mm;
Tensile strength is more than 38kg/m2;
Material: Galfan wire, galvanized wire, pvc coated wire;
Opening: 60*80mm; 80*100mm; 90*110mm, 100*120mm; 120*150mm;
Length*Width*Height: 1m*1m*1m, 2m*1m*1m, 3m*1m*1m, 4m*1m*1m, 2m*1m*0.5m, 4m*1m*0.5m (Other sizes could produce as request).

Gabion advantages:
Easy to install;
Competitive price;
Good permeability;
Good for plant growth;
Flexible and malleable;
Strong corrosion resistance;
Strong resistance to damage;
Easy to fold and easy to transport;
Prevent damage caused by hydrostatic forces;
Conducive to the stability of the slopes and beaches.

welded gabion
galvanized gabion
pvc coated gabion