Temp Fence

2022-04-27T08:37:04+00:00Temporary Fence|

Temp fence is also named temporary fence, temporary wire fence, temporary fence panel, remove fence, movable fence and portable fence.

304 Barbed Wire

2022-04-17T06:31:36+00:00Barbed Wire|

304 barbed wire is made of the stainless steel 304 wire. It is also named 304 barb wire, stainless 304 barbed wire and 304 barbed wire fence.

VIP Fence

2022-04-09T08:45:57+00:00Temporary Fence|

VIP fence is also named metal vip fence, steel vip fence, vip safety fence, vip barrier, portable vip fence and vip temporary fence.

Welded Gabion Mesh


Welded gabion mesh is called welded gabion, welded gabion box, welded gabion fence, welded gabion basket and welded gabion cage.

SS304 Wire Belt

2022-03-06T05:49:17+00:00Conveyor Belt|

SS304 wire belt is made of stainless steel 304 wire, so it is also named ss wire belt, 304 wire belt and stainless steel 304 wire belt.

What Is Wire Mesh

2022-03-05T13:24:46+00:00Wire Mesh|

Wire mesh is main woven or welded by the metal wire or punched by the metal plate. The application of wire mesh includes industry.


2022-03-03T13:21:49+00:00Conveyor Belt|

Conveyor is also named conveyors, conveyor belt, transporter and transport belt. SUS304, SUS310, SUS316 and SUS316L are the main material.

Conveyor Belting

2022-02-18T02:55:48+00:00Conveyor Belt|

Conveyor belting is also named conveyor belt, wire conveyor belt, mesh conveyor belt, metal conveyor belt, steel conveyor belt, wire belt and conveyor wire belt.

Welded Mesh Roll

2022-02-13T14:30:33+00:00Welded Mesh|

Welded mesh roll is also known as welded wire mesh and welded mesh. Alex produced 2x40' HQ to Malaysia and 3x40' HQ to India in January 2019.

Drywall Mesh

2022-02-04T13:43:53+00:00Fiberglass Mesh|

Drywall mesh is also named drywall mesh roll and drywall mesh tape. It is made of glass fiber wire, and it is main used for repairing.

Wire Belt

2022-01-06T12:22:20+00:00Conveyor Belt|

Wire belt is made of steel wire. It is main used in the conveyor of food and industry. Wire belt is widely known as conveyor belt.

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