What Is Gabions


Gabions is woven by the heavy-duty hexagonal wire mesh, then fill stone inside as a river wall to ensure the safety.

Welded Gabion Mesh


Welded gabion mesh is called welded gabion, welded gabion box, welded gabion fence, welded gabion basket and welded gabion cage.

PVC Coated Gabion


PVC coated gabion is also named pvc coated gabion mesh, pvc coated gabion wall, pvc coated gabion basket, pvc coated gabion fence.

Galvanized Gabion


Galvanized gabion is made of galvanized coated steel wire, it is also named galvanized gabion mesh, galvanized gabion box.

Welded Gabion


Welded gabion consists of welded wire mesh panel, spirals, locking pins and stiffeners. It is also called hesco barrier.

Reno Mattress


Reno mattress is a pad type mesh what is made from the hexagonal wire mesh. The height is short halt at least than gabion mesh.

Galfan Gabion


Galfan gabion is made of galfan coated steel wire which includes the aluminum about 5% or 10% when galvanized.

Gabion Mesh


Gabion mesh is rectangular stone cage which is woven by hexagonal wire mesh. It is designed to absorb tension.



Gabion is also named gabion mesh, gabion basket, gabion box and gabion wall with welded style or woven style.

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