Vibrating Screen

Vibrating screen is also named industrial screen, quarry screen, crusher screen and mining screen. It is the most important part of crusher machine. The screen is made of carbon steel, 65 manganese steel, stainless steel and polyurethane.

Vibrating screen types:
Flat top;
Lock crimp;
Self cleaning;
Double crimp;
Corrugated crimp.

slot vibrating screen

Slot Vibrating Screen

Slot vibrating screen is wire screen with slot woven type, so it is also named slot quarry screen, slot mine screen.

self cleaning vibrating screen

Self Cleaning Vibrating Screen

Self cleaning vibrating screen is named for the characteristic of self-cleaning. It is also known as self cleaning quarry screen.

flat top vibrating screen

Flat Top Vibrating Screen

Flat top vibrating screen is woven by black wire, spring steel wire, manganese steel wire or stainless steel wire.


Vibrating screen advatanges:
Easy to leak;
Long service life;
Durable structure;
Large treating capacity;
Strong corrosion resistance;
Strong anti-wear performance;
Compact design to saves space;
Easy operation and maintenance;
Engineers available for commissioning.

Vibrating screen is widely usded in:
Chemical industry;
Environmental protection.

lock crimp vibrating screen

Lock Crimp Vibrating Screen

Lock crimp vibrating screen is famous for characteristics of lock crimp. The screen is also known as lock crimp quarry screen.

double crimp conveyor belt

Double Crimp Vibrating Screen

Double crimp vibrating screen is woven by steel wire with pre-crimped. It is also named double crimp quarry screen, double crimp wire screen.

polyurethane vibrating screen

Polyurethane Vibrating Screen

Polyurethane vibrating screen is famous for polyurethane screen, polyurethane quarry screen, polyurethane mining screen, polyurethane screen mesh.


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