Welded Wire Mesh In India

In October, Alex Wire Mesh Co., Limited exported 2,200 rolls of welded wire mesh to India. The mesh includes 1/2" and 3/4", width includes 3', 4', 5' and 6', the weight range from 4.5kg/roll to 40kg/roll. All meshes are GI coated. The mesh is main used for the reinforcement of exterior wall in construction.

Welded wire mesh specifications:
1/2"x3'x50'x4.5KGx200 rolls;
1/2"x4'x50'x6.0KGx300 rolls;
1/2"x5'x50'x7.5KGx150 rolls;
1/2"x6'x50'x9.0KGx150 rolls;
1/2"x3'x50'x7.5KGx200 rolls;
1/2"x4'x50'x10KGx300 rolls;
1/2"x5'x50'x12.5KGx150 rolls;
1/2"x6'x50'x15KGx150 rolls;
1/2"x3'x50'x12KGx50 rolls;
1/2"x4'x50'x16KGx50 rolls;
3/4"x3'x50'x16.5KGx50 rolls;
3/4"x4'x50'x22KGx100 rolls;
3/4"x5'x50'x27.5KGx50 rolls;
3/4"x4'x50'x40KGx50 rolls;
3/4"x4'x50'x15KGx50 rolls;
1/2"x3'x50'x18KGx50 rolls;
1/2"x4'x50'x24KGx100 rolls;
1/2"x4'x50'x36KGx50 rolls.


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