twist barbed wire
single barbed wire
concertina barbed wire

Barbed wire details:
Material: Galvanized wire, PVC coated wire, Stainless steel wire.
Style: Single barbed wire, Twist barbed wire, Positive and negative twist barbed wire.
Sizes: 16*18#, 16*16#,14*16#, 14*14#, 12*14#, 12*12#, 10*12# (other sizes could be order as request).

Barbed wire features:
Low price;
Easy to install;
Easy to transport;
Good effect for protection.

Barbed wire could be used in the protection of factory, villa, site, bank, prison, border, grassland, highway, railway and farm.

galvanized barbed wire
pvc coated barbed wire
stainless steel barbed wire