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Alex Wire Mesh Factory & Manufacturer: 1990

Alex Wire Mesh main produces conveyor belt, wire mesh, fence and wire mesh machine as professional factory since 1990.

Chain Wire Conveyor Belt

Chain wire conveyor belt is made from the steel wire mesh, it is also named wire mesh conveyor belt, steel mesh conveyor belt.

Toaster Oven Conveyor Belt

Toaster oven conveyor belt is made of the stainless steel wire. The belt is widely known as toaster oven wire belt, toaster oven conveyor.

Metallic Conveyor Belt

Metallic conveyor belt is made of the steel wire, it is also named metal conveyor belt, steel conveyor belt and wire conveyor belt.

Food Grade Conveyor Belt

Food grade conveyor belt is made of the stainless steel wire, 304 and 316 are the main material. It is main used for conveying the food.

Conveyor Belt For Sale

Conveyor belt is also named conveyor belt mesh. It is made of steel wire or steel plate with chain on both sides.

Metal Conveyor

Metal conveyor is also named conveyor, wire conveyor, steel conveyor, conveyor belt. It is main used for the drying machinery.

304 Wire Conveyor Belt

304 wire conveyor belt is also named 304 wire belt, 304 conveyor belt, 304 conveyor, 304 wire conveyor, wire conveyor.

304 Flat Wire Conveyor Belt

304 flat wire conveyor belt is also called 304 heavy duty conveyor belt, 304 honeycomb wire belt or 304 honeycomb conveyor belt.

Dryer Conveyor Belt

Dryer conveyor belt is professional convey part for the dryer machine. It is also named dryer wire belt, dryer mesh belt.

HGD Welded Mesh

HGD welded mesh is also named HGD welded wire mesh, hot galvanized welded mesh, hot galvanized welded wire mesh.

Stainless Steel Wire Screen

Stainless steel wire screen is also called stainless steel wire mesh, stainless steel wire net, stainless steel wire grid.

SS 316 Wire Cloth

SS 316 wire cloth is also named SS 316 wire mesh, SS 316 wire net, SS 316 wire grid and stainless steel 316 wire mesh.

1 Inch Welded Wire Mesh

1 inch welded wire mesh is also called 1 inch welded mesh, 1 inch weld mesh, 1" welded mesh, 1" welded wire mesh and 1" weld mesh.

1/4″ Welded Wire Mesh

1/4" welded wire mesh is the most popular size in the construction market. It is main used to protect the exterior wall of building.

1/2″ Welded Mesh

1/2" welded mesh is also named 1/2" welded wire mesh, 1/2" weld wire mesh, 1/2" welded mesh roll, 1/2" weld mesh.

Single Barbed Wire In Pakistan

Single barbed wire is the single type of barbed wire. It is very popular in Pakistan. The barb wire is main used for the protection.

Stainless Steel Mesh Fabric

Stainless steel mesh fabric is also called stainless steel wire mesh, stainless steel mesh roll, stainless steel wire screen.

8FT x 10FT Temporary Fence

8FT x 10FT temporary fence is welded type temporary fence, 8FT x 10FT is a good choice in the market of USA and Canada.

Temporary Safety Fence

Temporary safety fence is also named temporary fence, temporary fence panel, temporary wire fence, temporary mesh fence.

Temp Fence

Temp fence is also named temporary fence, temporary wire fence, temporary fence panel, remove fence, movable fence and portable fence.

Construction Site Fence

Construction site fence is also named construction fence, construction safety fence, site fence, temporary construction fence.

Construction Temporary Fence

Construction temporary fence is the temporary fence for the construction site. It is also known as temporary barrier and construction fence.

Temporary Chain Link Fence

Temporary chain link fence is chain link style of temporary fence. The fence is also called chain link temporary fence.

Event Safety Fence

Event safety fence is professional temporary protective fence for event. It is also named event fence, event security fence.

VIP Safety Fence

VIP safety fence is also named black VIP fence. It is a temporary type fence. And it is welded by the 25mm x 1.2mm square tube.

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