Temporary Fencing

Temporary fencing is also named temporary fence, temp fence, portable fence, pool fence and construction fence. It is consists of fence panel, base and connectors. It is suitable for temporary control to ensure the security. The fence is very flexible.

Temporary fencing advantages:
Low cost;
Easy to install;
Easy to transport;
Beautiful appearance;
Broad field of vision;
Strong anti-corrosion performance.

canada temporary fencing

Canada Temporary Fencing

Canada temporary fencing is a Canada style welded wire temporary fence, it is also namded Canadian style portable fence in North America.

australia temporary fencing

Australia Temporary Fencing

Australia temporary fencing is a Austalia style welded wire portable fence. It is composed of the mesh panel, panel frame, base and connector.

chain link temporary fencing

Chain Link Temporary Fencing

Chain link temporary fencing is composed of chain link mesh, frame, base and connector. It is mainly used for temporary isolation.


Temporary fencing could be used for:
Pool safety;
Road safety;
School safety;
Crowd control;
Building safety;
Events security;
Concerts security;
Festivals security;
Construction safety;
Sport games security.

construction fence

Construction Fence

Construction fence is also called construction site fence, temporary construction fence and construction temporary fence.

event fence

Event Fence

Event fence is a professional temporary fence for the event security. It is portable to protective and the security more flexible.

black vip fence

Black VIP Fence

Black VIP fence is a welded type temporary fence, it is also named vip fence and temporary vip fence. It is welded by the square pipes.


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