Wire mesh machine is used to produce kinds of wire mesh. It is widely known as wire mesh making machine or wire mesh machinery.

Alex wire mesh machine types:
Razor wire machine
Barbed wire machine
Gabion mesh machine
Chain link mesh machine
Welded wire mesh machine
Hexagonal wire mesh machine
Welded wire mesh panel machine
Pipeline reinforced mesh machine
Stainless steel wire mesh machine

After-sale service:
Spare parts: we will make the files for every customer and provide the parts in a long term.
Emergency repair: If the machines are out of order, we will help the customer to solve it without delay.

Alex wire mesh machine is easy operate to produce wire mesh with high quality. It is design with synchronous CNC technology. The Touch screen and button are the main types of the input panel which make the machines are intelligent and rationalized more.

razor wire machine
barbed wire machine
gabion mesh machine
chain link mesh machine
welded wire mesh machine
hexagonal wire mesh machine
welded wire mesh panel machine
pipeline reinforced mesh machine
stainless steel wire mesh machine