Conveyor Belt

Conveyor belt is also named wire belt, metal conveyor belt, wire conveyor belt, mesh conveyor belt and wire mesh conveyor belt. The belt is main made from stainless steel 304, 316, 316L. It is a wire belt with friction drive then transport the goods in continuous manner. It could transport for the bulk materials and also carry the goods. It is used for temperature from -50℃ to 1150℃; and widely used in various industries.

Conveyor belt applications:
It is an essetial part of automatic installation and modern assembly line in varous industries. It is main used in metallurgy, mining, petroleum, food, brewery, beverage, pharmaceutical, glass, ceramics, electronic, components, transport machinery or other transport line.

eye flex conveyor belt

Eye Flex Conveyor Belt

Eye flex conveyor belt is a eye wire mesh which is made of metal wire then string together by spindle.

flat flex conveyor belt

Flat Flex Conveyor Belt

Flat flex conveyor belt is main made from stainless steel high elasticity flexible wire, 304, 316 or 316L is the best popular type.

cam grid conveyor belt

Cam Grid Conveyor Belt

Cam grid conveyor belt is the most popular belt which is adaptable spiral belt. It is driven by sprockets.


Conveyor belt typical functions:
Parts cleaning;
Baking and freezing food;
Goods painting and drying;
Canning and food preparation;
Product sorting assembly and package.

honeycomb conveyor belt

Honeycomb Conveyor Belt

Honeycomb conveyor belt material is carbon steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel 304 or stainless steel 316.

hinged plate conveyor belt

Hinged Plate Conveyor Belt

Hinged plate conveyor belt is a very robust belt which is made of steel plate and driven by sprockets.

conventional conveyor belt

Conventional Conveyor Belt

Conventional conveyor belt is consisted of single directional spirals inter-woven into the preceding spirals.


Conveyor belt features:
Non-run edge, run-time stable, the usage of flexibel;
Compact structure, reasonanble design, size and more easy to install;
Wear resistance, good resistane to corronsin, high temperarure or other properties;
Alex Wire Mesh Co., Limited could produce the belt according to the request of customer;
Satisfactory shrink, anti-fracrure properties in the negative temperature and high temperature.

Alex conveyor belt experience:
We produce the conveyor belt since 1992, main export to United States, Canada, Italy, Britain, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Janpan, Korea, Tainland, Malaysia.

chain driven conveyor belt

Chain Driven Conveyor Belt

Chain driven conveyor belt is driven with a cross rod which connects the chain strands by either passing though or under the mesh fabric.

balanced spiral conveyor belt

Balanced Spiral Conveyor Belt

Balanced spiral conveyor belt is made by imported digital mesh weaving machine. The fabric is made of stainless steel wire.

compound balance conveyor belt

Compound Balance Conveyor Belt

Compound balance conveyor belt is a variation of balance spiral conveyor belt. It is made of stainless steel or high carbon steel.


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