What Is Gabions


Gabions is woven by the heavy-duty hexagonal wire mesh, then fill stone inside as a river wall to ensure the safety.

304 Barbed Wire

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304 barbed wire is made of the stainless steel 304 wire. It is also named 304 barb wire, stainless 304 barbed wire and 304 barbed wire fence.

Welded Gabion Mesh


Welded gabion mesh is called welded gabion, welded gabion box, welded gabion fence, welded gabion basket and welded gabion cage.

What Is Wire Mesh

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Wire mesh is main woven or welded by the metal wire or punched by the metal plate. The application of wire mesh includes industry.

Welded Mesh Roll

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Welded mesh roll is also known as welded wire mesh and welded mesh. Alex produced 2x40' HQ to Malaysia and 3x40' HQ to India in January 2019.

Welded Mesh

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Welded mesh is a welded type mesh, it is also named welded wire mesh, weld mesh, weld wire mesh and welded mesh roll.

Barbed Wire

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Barbed wire is also named barb wire, it is the most popular wire mesh for protection. Barbed wire types include single barbed wire.

Wire Mesh

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Wire mesh is welded or woven by high quality galvanized wire, stainless steel wire, copper wire or fiberglass wire.

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